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Q & A: gravitomagnetism

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Most recent answer: 11/01/2012
Has anyone theorized about the existence of a field similar than the magnetic B but in gravity? I mean, parallel to 4th maxwell law rot B=dE/dt +j, could exist somethig like rot K=dg/dt +k being g the gravity field. K and k should be some kinetic field and matter intensity (speed matter) WWhat implications could this theory have? Could it expalain the dark matter problem? thank you
- Fernando (age 44)
Madrid, Spain
Yes, there's a close analogy, at least if you try to describe gravitation in the weak-field near-Euclidean approximation. Wikipedia has a nice article with just the equations you're looking for.

Some of the effects have been measured in the Gravity Probe B experiment.

None of this is connected with dark matter. Most likely dark matter just consists of some particles that, like neutrinos, interact very weakly with familiar matter but, unlike neutrinos, have fairly large rest masses. There are several plausible candidates.

Mike W.

(published on 11/01/2012)

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