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Q & A: relativistic charge

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Most recent answer: 02/27/2018
When tow equal charged particle (such as two electron) get away from together ; their masses are increased due to special relativity (by gravitational field and force) .Therefore their charges also must be increased in the same way and due to the same reason. How does it happen(by which field and force)?would you please answer me .
- seyedmohammad mohammadi (age 66)
Tehran- Iran

No, the argument giving that the inertial mass of an object must increase when seen in a frame in which the object is moving relies on the conservation of momentum. There is no such argument for electrical charge, which is invariant as seen in different frames. In that respect it's more like the "invariant mass", sqrt(E2-p2c2).

Mike W.

(published on 02/27/2018)

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