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Q & A: Angular momentum of a photon

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Most recent answer: 02/25/2012
Take a photon, for instance. Is there a theoretical limit to its angular momentum?
- Bill H (age 55)
The intrinsic angular momentum of a photon is restricted to plus or minus one in Planck units, h-bar = 6.5810−16 eVsec.   In addition it can carry angular momentum with respect to a fixed point given by its momentum, E/c,  times its distance r.   This latter angular momentum has no limit. 


In Lee's line of work they use units like eV-sec. For those with a more refined esthetic sense, the SI value is 1.05
10-34 J-s and the cgs value is 1.054 10-27 erg-s Mike W.

(published on 02/25/2012)

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