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Q & A: ice nuclei

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Most recent answer: 01/05/2012
Hi i am doing an experiment at the moment where my water is going super cooled and getting to -2 and not freezing because I am extracting the energy from the water to fast. (I can not do this slower.) Does anyone know what can act as a ice nucli or seed crystal? This cannot be ice or dust? Does any one know of any other means to get water to crystalise every time at this temperure? Thanks Chris
- Chris (age 23)
Ice of course works very well. Usually dust works too, although I'm not sure if it works at -2C, which is pretty close to the melting point. If the rules say you can't use them, you could try sharply tapping the container, since sound can work too. There are some bacterial proteins that trigger ice formation at around -2C.

At any temperature below 0C a piece of ice will induce freezing. I'm not sure just how cold the water has to get with the other nuclei.

Maybe some readers know of other good nuclei.

Mike W.

(published on 01/05/2012)

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