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Q & A: Weight in water

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Most recent answer: 11/15/2011
a metal ball weighs 98N when dipped in water it displaces 2.5 litres of water.what will be the weight of the ball in water if 1litre=1 kg & g=9.8 m/s2
- sindy (age 19s)
saudi arabia
Hello sindy in saudi arabia

This is the classic problem of Archimedes when his king asked him to determine if his crown was truly made of gold.  See: 
The answer is the weight in water is equal to its weight out of the water minus the weight of the amount of water displaced.  You have to know the weight of the displaced water which is simply the number of liters times its density, 1 kg per liter. 


(published on 11/15/2011)

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