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Q & A: measuring muffin density

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Most recent answer: 11/06/2011
I am doing a science project that includes baking muffins each with a different type of flour; white, wheat and rice. Problem: How do I measure the density of a muffin?
- ryan kelly (age 13)
orange park, fl
Density is mass/volume. Measuring muffin mass is easy- you can use any decent kitchen scale or postage scale. Measuring volume is a little trickier.

One standard way to measure volume of something with an irregular shape is to dunk it in some liquid- say water- and see how much it raises the level. That can be done in a standard measuring cup. The problem with muffins is that the water will soak into the muffin, ruining both the muffin and the measurement. You could use a thin plastic sandwich bag around the muffin, trying to squeeze it so that it fits the muffin closely. Maybe plastic wrap would work better, although it would be harder to avoid leaks. You could then make a small allowance for the extra volume occupied by the bag or the wrap.

Mike W.

(published on 11/06/2011)

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