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Q & A: Making a scale replica

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Most recent answer: 09/07/2011
i have a project for enviormental sci. the project is: to make a scale repleca of some thing. do you have any cool ideas?
- alex rodriguez (age 17)
sebring FL, united states
As soon as that question came in, I thought "This must be from the U.S.". We seem to be the world's leader in replicas, dioramas, and paper-mache robots.

You might ask the teacher if something more active than a decorative replica would work. You could, for example, make a terrarium model heated by light from a fluorescent bulb. Then you could release some CO2 from a soda bottle in it and see how its temperature changes. I'm not saying that would be a good way to model actual global warming, just that things like that can be used to show some of the physical ingredients.

Mike W.

(published on 09/07/2011)

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