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Q & A: limits to current physics

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Most recent answer: 04/11/2011
Is their any flaw in our present physics, particularly classical mechanics? I sincerely believe that science has missed an important aspect in its study of its surroundings particularly related to "Energy". I would like to showcase one of my works to the experts to prove this point. Therefore, i sincerely request for an opportunity to present my work by email to the experts at your end.
- Vijimon (age 31)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Of course there are flaws in our current physics. Perhaps the best known is that there's no complete consistent theory reconciling General Relativity with quantum mechanics. There is no explanation for several dozen important dimensionless numbers characterizing the strengths of the forces, masses of the particles, etc.

As for classical mechanics, it only plays the role of a useful approximation describing big things moving slowly with respect to the observer in a region with no large tidal effects.

Mike W.

(published on 04/11/2011)

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