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Q & A: Baloney Bracelets

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Most recent answer: 02/03/2011
Obviously there is no scientific grounding behind the claims of what these bracelets do, but they are fantastic marketing tool. What do you think about the psychology? Do you think that if people genuinely believe these bracelets increase balance/speed/performance etc. it might actually have some sort of placebo effect?
- Jon (age 22)
Jon- I removed the link to the particular site, in order not to generate business for these charlatans. The site (selling some expensive unattractive bracelets) at any rate now has essentially no interesting claims on it. I notice you're from Australia. The site mentions that certain unauthorized claims were made in Australia, and that these have now been removed.

As for how well placebos work, that's a subject of controversy. The general consensus is that placebos can have physiological effects via the central nervous system. As an exercise in unsupported self-help punditry, I claim that the trick is to find the placebo most suited for you as an individual. Price may be a factor.

Mike W.

(published on 02/03/2011)

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