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Q & A: loose ends

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Most recent answer: 04/11/2010
Have we discovered everything? What's left to discover? No major scientific breakthrough hasn't happened since long...
- Anonymous
In very recent years, sticking to basic physics, we've found out
1. That the universe's expansion is accelerating due to mysterious 'dark energy'.
2. Most of the constituent mass in the universe consists of some 'dark matter' distinct from the particles we know.

And that's just in basic physics, which is sluggish compared to biology these days.

There are just a few loose ends to tidy up. Here are some things we don't know in basic physics:

1. How many spatial dimensions does our universe have?
2. Are the three extended dimensions finite or infinite?
3. Is the universe part of a more extended multiverse?
4. What happened at the earliest stages of the Big Bang?
5. In quantum events, do all the outcomes occur or just one?
6. What particles will be found in higher-energy collisions than those already done?
7. What theory combines quantum mechanics and gravity in a consistent way?

Stay tuned.

Mike W.

(published on 04/11/2010)

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