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Q & A: How do you float a six-pack cooler?

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Most recent answer: 03/24/2010
We are going to attach a remote control base unit on the bottom of a 6 pack cooler, what is the best material that can be used to build a base to attach the cooler on top and be able to float with the wheels in water?
- Daniell Garcia (age 33)
Grand Junction, CO, USA
Cool project!   Styrofoam is probably your best bet.  It's very light, cheap, and easy to work with.  One of your main problems will be the stability of the whole thing.   You don't want to have it capsize in the middle of a lake;  the precious cargo sinking.  So you need to attach some sort of keel or counterweight to the bottom of your craft.   It will take some experimentation to get it right.   Good luck.


(published on 03/24/2010)

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