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Q & A: Picture of Dalton’s Atomic Model

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Most recent answer: 07/21/2009
Are there any pictures of Dalton’s atomic model? I can’t seem to find any and am having a hard time drawing one. Thanks!
- Gina (age 13)
Rockland Middle School, MA USA
Dalton's atomic theory proposed that there were atoms that were indivisible particles. The reason why you had a hard time finding a drawing is because he did not even think about the structure of the atoms. I found a site that might help you out.


(published on 10/22/2007)

Follow-Up #1: What is the atomic model of Dalton?

what is the atomic model of dalton?
- zYrElLe (age 12)
Baguio, Philippines
John Dalton, 1766 1844, was an English chemist and physicist.  He is considered one of the foremost originators of the modern theory of atomic structure of compounds.  He postulated that atoms were the indivisible smallest parts of the various elements, such as hydrogen, oxygen, iron, etc, and that compound substances such as water and methane were made out of simple combinations of these various atoms.   He made many experiments showing the plausibility of this hypothesis.    See:


(published on 07/21/2009)

Follow-up on this answer.