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Q & A: freezing soy sauce

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Most recent answer: 03/16/2008
i was conducting an experiment on what liquids freeze and then how long it takes for them to melt. i tried sevral different liquids but the one that has me puzzeled is Soy Sauce as i could not get it to freeze using my home freezer. could you tell me why it did not freeze, is it the make up of the soy sauce or is it my fridge could not get it cold enough. thankyou Sarah
- Sarah (age 15)
It's both. Standard soy sauce is very salty. That lowers the freezing point a lot, as discussed elsewhere on this site. I don't think it will be lowered all the way to -21C, the freezing point for saturated salt water, but it might get close. Your freezer apparently can't quite get that cold. You might try a lower-salt soy sauce to see if it will freeze in your freezer.If it does, it will only partly freeze, leaving behind more salty liquid. Mike W.

(published on 03/16/2008)

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