Lift vs. Bernoulli

Most recent answer: 10/22/2007

Dear Sirs! How do you explain Lift on a Wing in inverted flight? Have you seen that NASA Glenn Research has change it´s Lift explanation to Newton laws? Some more links of Flight Physics: New ”Non Bernoulli effect” wing on Airbus 330/340 Weltner Lift Weltner Bernoulli F18 Soundbarrier and highspeed pass Beaty Gif pictures smokepuls plus SAAB 2000 Prof. Colombinis photogallery Lift from spinning balls: This website gives a lot of references all back to Newton/Robbins ! Reversed Magnus effect explained: Wrong Lift explanations: Smithsonian: False Bernoulli explanations: US AirForce Museum: Dr. John S. Denker online aerodynamic book. Wrong Liftexplanation explained by ”Circulation flow ”creating” the Velocity Field”: Explanation only valid for a non exsisting mathematical modelled idel/perfect fluid.
- Jan-Olov Newborg (age 22)
Stockholm, Sweden
Jan-Olov -

I don’t think that I could possibly explain this any better than these sites do. You’ve obviously done a lot of research on the subject. This list of sites is definitely a great resource for anyone else who’s interested in the subject.


(published on 10/22/2007)