Why do I Feel Dizzy When I Spin?

Most recent answer: 12/02/2012

Why do I feel dizzy when I spin?
- Anonymous (age 12)
Akron, Ohio, USA

We have a system in our inner ears that keeps track of movement and direction. It does this by sensing the movement of a fluid (called endolymph) that is held inside the ear in three little tubes. Just like water in a glass when the glass is moved quickly, the water will slosh in the glass - just as the endolymph will slosh in your head! The motion is sensed by special little "hair cells" in the tubes. Your nerves send a message to your brain about the motion. When you move around rapidly for a long time, it takes a little while longer for the sloshing to stop. So, even if you've already stopped spinning, the endolymph will keep moving in your head for a few seconds, making you feel like you're still spinning.

Mike W.

(published on 12/02/2012)

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