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Q & A: late start in physics

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Most recent answer: 04/16/2011
Unlike most physicists of today their passion developed early in life.....I am 60 and am so passionate about physics. I am not in a position to seek the education can I get involved even at the lowest level? Also I have a question: Once molecular manipulation is advanced many life changes will change in particular; it appears to me the monetary system will will we introduce extreme advances like this into society with the least negative impact?
- William Taylor (age 60)
Houston, TX
Maybe one of the best ways to pick up some exciting physics would be to start in on the beautiful 3-volume Feynman Lectures on Physics. Other readers may have further useful suggestions.

I don't get the connection between the monetary system and "molecular manipulation", which I guess means genetic engineering. I guess they're both things which we might screw up, but that's an extremely broad category.

Mike W.

(published on 04/16/2011)

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