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Program Title:
The Physics Force
University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN, United States
Geographical Area:
Our shows cover a large geographical area. Minnesota shows are supported by the University but we have done shows as far away as Germany (Knoff-Hoff Show) and Epcot Center with the Host covering our costs.
General Description:
Master demonstrators and humorists, The Phyics Force delight and educate young and old alike with a mega-science experience, The Physics Circurs. The term "mega" describes the size of the equipment, amount of humor, the rapid pace, and special effects of the presentation. The Force are gifted teachers who interact with the audience and present physics as understandable, not magic. A trademark of the Circus is "bigger is better." Why implode a pop can when a 55-gallon steel drum is available? Or shoot down a mythical monkey when the target could be a physics teacher dropping from a scaffold 20 feet high! This program is a delight for parents, grandparents and children of all ages. Science teachers and their students will be fascinated and so will those that know little about physics. The Physics Circus is performed six times a year (according to the demographics of the state, i.e., half of the shows are in the outstate area). Elementary schools are targeted in these six. Full costs for these six shows are covered by the U of Minnesota (for pre and post show materials go to ) We also do a free public shows ever year for the general public and 7-12 students. In addition to the Circus, we also have smaller shows. We have developed a new group, Physics Force: The Next Generation. Full costs are covered when this group performs for a k-12 school or other not-for-profit educational setting. In addition to the Next Gen, we have a subset of The Physics Force group that also does smaller shows. For the later group, we have some funding from the University to cover half the costs of the show with the remainder paid by the requester for a k-12 school or other not for profit educational setting. After the match funding is depleted for the year full costs must be covered by the requester. Our current schedule of events can be found at
Area of Science:
Target Grade Levels:
The primary focus is K-6 but many shows are extended to 12 and adults (included retirement homes).
Target Group Size:
We have a variety of shows for various sized groups from classroom size (though not cost effective) to auditoriums with 3000 in attendance.
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The information contained in this page is accurate as of December, 2007.