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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Little Shop of Physics

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Program Title:
Little Shop of Physics
Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO, United States
Geographical Area:
Any place within 500 miles or so of Fort Collins - so Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico...
General Description:
The Little Shop of Physics is a traveling hands-on science experience. Students at schools we visit will work with our over 75 hands-on science experiments. Each experiment illustrates some science principle in some unique manner using easy-to-obtain items. Students will learn some science - but they will also see that science is exciting, fun, and something that they can easily do. We will bring 4 or 5 Little Shop staff to assist students in working with our experiments. For more information, please visit our Web site.
Area of Science:
Target Grade Levels:
K-12. Most of our work is with grades K-8.
Target Group Size:
Generally, we work with a whole school at an elementary school, a whole grade at a middle school, and all the physical science classes at a high school.
Donations appreciated, but not required.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.