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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: SciTech Hands on Museum - Museum on the Go!

Program Title:
SciTech Hands on Museum - Museum on the Go!
SciTech Hands on Museum Aurora, IL, United States
Geographical Area:
Negotiable, but mostly withing a 60 mile radius of the museum.
General Description:
Our in the community/school programs consist of demonstrations, classroom instruction and labs, and Museum in a School where we bring full sized museum exhibits to the school for a period of time and then send a teacher to reinforce the concept through interactive sessions. We visit school, fairs, and festivals. Typically, we try to taylor our programs to meet the needs of our clients, as best we can. All programs are based on the IL State Standards and Benchmarks. We do offer programs for teachers, PreK- Middle school. (Your Ed. Instutition must offer the CPUs). As a matter of fact, we are doing one on flight on April 12. We are also available for a variety of field trips to come to us.

Listed below are the Program areas and the titles of our programs that we send out:

Traveling Lab Experience:
(1 hour length sessions for 30 children)

Electricity and Magnets
Light and Color
Simple Machines
Wild Weather

Traveling Science Demonstrations:
(Demos are approximately 50 minutes in length for any number of children)

Curious about Chemistry
Fun With Physics
Wild Weather Wonders
Fun with Our Favorites

MiniMuseum in a School and Museum in a School:
(Minimuseum program lasts 1 day at a school whereas the Museum in a School leaves exhibits in a school for 1 week with teacher-led classes on 2 days)

Think Like a Scientist
Electricity and Magnets
Sound and Music
Light and Color
Math and Structures
Midwest Wild Weather

For more information, click here to download (*.doc file, 49.5 Kb).
Area of Science:
Physical and chemistry
Target Grade Levels:
PreK - 9th Grade
Target Group Size:
Entire school assemblies down to individual classrooms. We also take programs to scout groups, private organizations, park districts, etc.
Traveling Lab Experience: $375 for 2- 1 hour sessions

Traveling Science Demonstrations: $300 for 1 demonstration/$100 for each additional demo on the same day, same site

MiniMuseum in a School: $575
Museum in a School: $900

See website for further details.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.