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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Reaction Time

Program Title:
Reaction Time
The Children's Museum of Utah Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Geographical Area:
The Entire State of Utah (Utah Only)
General Description:
"Reaction Time" is a hands-on chemistry program that supports the fifth-grade State Science Core Curriculum. The purpose of our chemistry outreach program is to initiate cooperation between The Children's Museum of Utah and Utah's elementary educators, and to provide fifth grade students with innovative instruction in elementary chemistry. The program covers matter, physical changes, and chemical reactions. "Reaction time" is a hands-on, kitchen chemistry program. Fifth grade students receive engaging and interactive instruction and then conduct actual experiments in a supportive laboratory environment under the supervision of a science specialist. The kitchen chemistry approach enables students to grasp difficult concepts through experiencing science first hand, helps them develop an interest in science, helps them relate science to everyday life, and gives them the knowledge and skills to experiment further in situations outside the classroom. In addition, teachers receive the tools -- training, lesson plans, and chemistry equipment -- to lead hands-on chemistry activities with their classes in the future.
Area of Science:
Chemistry (Matter, Physical Changes, Chemical Reactions)
Target Grade Levels:
5th Grade Only. The material covers specific standards and objectives for the fifth grade Utah State Science Core Curriculum. In far away towns with very small schools (i.e. only 1 5th grade class) we sometimes allow the 4th & 6th grade classes to participate as well.
Target Group Size:
Entire fifth grade of school. (50min. assembly with all 5th grade classes and then 25 min. hands-on chemistry activity one class at a time)
FREE - A grant from the Utah State Office of Education allows us to visit all the schools in the state on a 2-5 year rotating schedule that has already been determined.

Those schools who are not eligible to receive a free program during a given year may purchase the program at a cost of $225. Schools more than 100 miles away must also pay travel costs. However, purchasing the program is still based on availability.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of August, 2003.