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Program Title:
Academic Entertainment
Snohomish, WA, United States
Geographical Area:
Entire U.S.
General Description:
Following you will find information regarding the programs that are available to your schools from Academic Entertainment. Please see the website for color photos and further descriptions of the programs. Following, you will find prices for each of the programs and in some cases specific date availability. All of these programs are Pre K - 6, some are K - 8 and K - 12 and last 45-50 minutes.

If you have any questions, at all, concerning the content, price, layout, etc. Please do not hesitate to call [(800) 883-9883] or email. We know these programs inside and out. It is sometimes easier to give voice descriptions versus print descriptions. We guarantee our programs 100%, there are no "extra" travel fees, no deposit is required and payment is not expected until the programs are performed.

We are constantly striving for the very best in school programs. Our programs are unique, fun, top quality, educational, AND they always make a difference.


Dinoman is the best science and theatre combination program available. This program consistently sells out for us during the school year. Bob Lisaius, the performer and owner of Ice Fire Productions, is a real paleontologist and superb actor. They bring actual Dinosaur bones they have excavated for the workshops. The show itself is fun, fast-paced, full of surprises and life size replicas of inflatable dinosaurs. The price reflects up to three assembly programs, plus workshops. Price - $1095/day.

Wings of My Own - This will be the 100th year anniversary of aviation and we have found the coolest program to highlight this event. Yourself and several staff members will be allowed (weather permitting) to go up into the balloon to help demonstrate this wonderful form of aviation. Several formats of this program are available. The price includes an outside or inside inflation, as well as two 30-40 minute assembly programs. Price - $995/ half day or $1395/ full day.

Brent Daniels - Technological Music Production Show - Brent Daniels teaches children how music is produced in the entertainment industry today through computers and technology. Brent has music featured in many movie, television, commercial and video sound tracks. Kids REALLY get into this program. They do many fun things in this program, including an "on-the-spot" sound recording with the help of several audience participants. He relates super well with children. Price - $525 or 2/$850.

All About Bugs with Bug Chef David George Gordon - Yes, he actually prepares a variety of insect dishes for the children to try! Not only that, but the kids are learning all about insects as well as several cultures that rely on this form of food for survival. Kids LOVE this show! Audience participation is REQUIRED! David has performed on many television shows and is seen frequently at Science Centers across the country. Price - $650/show.

Portable Planetarium with Shawn Steuer - this is NOT one of your average "Star Lab" domes. This is a full on, custom-made planetarium dome that seats over 100 children at a time. Shawn has computer generated, moveable images from observatories and planetariums all over the world. This program has material available for up to the 12th grade level. Each program is specifically tailored to the age range of the children. Price - $1100 for a full day, $695 for a day.

The Signature Project w/ Irish Artist Patrick Dunning - this program has been chosen (this year alone) as keynote for several conferences. They include: Idaho Association of School Administrators, Association of Washington School Principals, Washington State PTA Conference and Pacific Northwest Association of School Administrators. This is one of the most unique programs we have ever seen. It is art based, but deals with math, science, technology, music, cultural diversity and humanity. For a more detailed description, please talk to one of our staff. It is truly amazing. Kids come away with a sense of "if he c
Area of Science:
Astronomy, Insects, Weather, Aviation, Technology, Paleontology, Sound Production
Target Grade Levels:
K - 12
Target Group Size:
School wide assembly formatted productions. Max. audience size 400/show.
$525 to $1200. [See program descriptions above.]

The information contained in this page is accurate as of April, 2003.