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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: George Fox Science Outreach Program

Program Title:
George Fox Science Outreach Program
George Fox University Newberg, OR, United States
Geographical Area:
Throughout Oregon, sometimes Washington
General Description:
The Science Outreach Program is a service to the community. I hire science majors and education majors who work together to teach lab based classes (at the university) to home school students. Dwight Kimberly, the orginator of the program, also teaches public school teachers of all levels how to make science enjoyable for teachers and students alike. Dwight and I often go to schools to judge science fairs, give talks, or do demonstrations. Yet, when we go into a school, our goal is often to empower the teachers who see those students everyday because they will be the people who make a difference. We also loan out a lot of equipment to home school groups, private schools, and public schools.
Area of Science:
Often biology when Dwight and I present, Although the home school classes range in all areas of science.
Target Grade Levels:
We have no target levels, the classes taught to homeschool kids have age ranges from 6 years old through high school.
Target Group Size:
Either classroom size or speaking with the teachers of specific grades, not typically whole school.
See website for details. Classes for home school students range in cost. It is free to borrow our supplies and models.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.