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Program Logo
Program Title:
Blazing Science
Mik Jacobs, Inc. Science Shows Orlando, FL, United States
Geographical Area:
General Description:
Mik Jacobs presents Educational Entertainment for Everyone! Face the fantastic facts of the florid flash of fireworks! See the safeguarded scientific secrets of motion picture fire stunts! Go beyond cool to super cold! Mik Jacobs brings you his amazing science shows, completely self contained and ready to travel to your school, museum or institution. A veteran actor and educator, Mik has performed science shows around the world. Not lectures or magic shows but unique, original and highly educational programs designed to entertain and engage your audience. You can book shows on the science of fire, fire safety, energy and matter. Mik Jacobs travels worldwide with shows that are highly educational, extremely entertaining and always exciting!
Area of Science:
Energy, Matter, Fire & Fire Safety
Target Grade Levels:
Grades 1 through 12 and general audiences
Target Group Size:
100 to 1000
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The information contained in this page is accurate as of October, 2007.