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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Physics: A Magic Experience

Program Title:
Physics: A Magic Experience
State University of San Diego San Diego, CA, United States
Geographical Area:
San Diego County and up to 50 milles from it.
General Description:
Professor Saul Oseroff has been involved for a long time in developing new approaches to present physics to K-12 students. He delivers "guest lectures" at classroms, whole schools and science field trips organized by PTA, home-schooling, etc. in which, through simple experiments, he presents physics as an exciting component of everyday life.

It is critical to motivate students to actively participate in the lectures. Many of the students we interact with are not used to asking questions, and we have found the challenge and merits of the demonstrations bring excitement to the point where they do participate. We encourage students to ask questions, explain what they learned from each demonstration, how they would improve on it, build their own demonstrations, discuss topics with their family, and describe in subsequent sessions what they were able to explain at home and how they felt about the experience. In summary, we take advantage of the students' fantasy and curiosity and try to enlighten them on the joys of scientific inquiry.
Area of Science:
Target Grade Levels:
Target Group Size:
Classroom, whole schools, science field trips( for home-schooling, families, etc.)

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.