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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Science on the Go

Program Title:
Science on the Go
South Florida Science Museum West Palm Beach, FL, United States
Geographical Area:
Travels anywhere, but there is a fee for travel over 19 miles. We have traveled through Port St. Lucie in the north, and Miami in the far south, and have been booked for shows in the Bahamas.
General Description:
We have multiple presentations (all programs come with lesson plans upon request, and based on grade level):

"Touch Tank to You"
Grades PreK-8
Bring the ocean into your classroom with our popular traveling touch tank. Students learn about our ocean neighbors while touching creatures such as sea stars, urchins, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and more.

Grades 2-8
One of our most popular presentations using liquid nitrogen to demonstrate what happens to ordinary objects subjected to temperatures near absolute zero. Discussion revolves around 3 states of matter.

"Dissections to Go!"
Grades 7-12
Let us bring the lab to you! These lab classes allow studetns to examine the internal and externam anatomy of organisms in their class, on their schedule. Some of the most popular organisms offered include: squid, frog, pig and shark. Instructional materials, organisms, dissecting equipment and hand-outs provided. All instructions are given by our educator from how to use the equipment to step-by-step dissection proceduress.

"Exciting Electrons"
This "electrifying" new outreach shows students the amazing power of the electron using the Van de Graff generator, Jacob’s Ladder and other hands-on experiments. This program can be modified for older or younger students.

"Jurassic Theater"
Grades K-8
This interactive experience allows students to discover sizes of dinosaurs, time lines, elements of paleontology, dinosaur fossils and more. They can even touch authentic fossils, including a 65 million year old dinosaur egg! This cretaceous show is presented in theater format.

"The Traveling Chemist"
Grades 2-9
This program introduces students to the basic concepts of chemistry through outrageous reactions.

"The Traveling Chemist II"
Grades 4-12
Popularity made us add more experiments to create an entirely new chemistry outreach. This program features more exciting experiments for students to learn about the fascinating world of chemistry.

"Rockets are a Blast!"
Grades K-8
This program introduces youngsters to the exciting field of rocketry, starting with a brief history on rockets and principals of flight, and then eneding with the outdoor launching of several models.

Ages 5 and up
The Planetarium program that comes to you! StarReach takes students into the inflatable dome where a universe of learning awaits. The portable planetarium, StarLab, fits into any room with a minimum 12 foot ceiling without obstructions. Multiple planetarium show are available depending on your study.

"Project Hóla! with Señor Stuffee!"
Señor Stuffee is a 7-foot tall boy with a lot of heart-literally! This bi-lingual program for elementary children allows the presenter to unzip Stuffee and discuss the importance of good health and hygiene, and the purpose of our bodies’ internal organs. He comes with a "heartbeat" and "pulse" that children can listen to and count. His blue hair and big smile charms and delights children of all ages. A bi-lingual coloring book for every students is included in the presentation.
Area of Science:
We target all areas of science: Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Marine Science, Geology/Paleontology
Target Grade Levels:
Elementary through High School depending on which program you book.
Target Group Size:
Some programs (Dissections to Go) are for classroom, but our instructor sets up for the week and teaches the entire school by the end of the week. Other programs (like Travelling Chemist I and II) can do groups over 100.
See web page for prices

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.