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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: The Magic of Science

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Program Title:
The Magic of Science
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Geographical Area:
Throughout England and Wales
General Description:
The Magic of Science is a show that demonstrates to children simple practical ideas in science that they can try for themselves.

The Magic of Science is a learning experience. The ideas shown are designed to encourage the development of a variety of skills, which can be followed up as a special project or slotted into the curriculum.

The aim of The Magic of Science show is to enable the children to see that science can be fun. The show lasts between 40 - 60 minutes depending upon the age of the children. They will go away from the show wanting to try out all they ideas they will have seen.

The Magic of Science is also an attractive alternative for a P.T.A meeting, as a demonstration of the type of science children enjoy and find stimulating.

During the last 15 years I have presented The Magic of Science show to over 700 schools in England, many of the several times (and some on an annual basis).

Tony Griffith has had considerable experience in Education including the Headship of a Primary School. He organizes INSET training days from time to time.

Tony is the author of SCIENCE FUN one of the books in the popular 'Bright Ideas' series published by Scholastic Ltd. His new booklet THE MAGIC OF SCIENCE contains many of the items presented in the show.

Tony is also a Member of The Inner Magic Circle, London, and has entertained throughout the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

Although no magic is performed in the science show, Tony uses his experience in the entertainment world, couple with that int he teaching profession to provide an entertaining and educational presentation.
Area of Science:
Basic Physics (Forces, Energy, Water, Air, Optical)
Target Grade Levels:
Children of primary school age in England. (ages 5 - 11 years) i.e. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
Also lower Secondary School age. i.e. ages 13 - 15 years.

The show is also suitable for Science Festivals and Science centres where the general public are invited to attend.
Target Group Size:
This can be a show for the whole school, or for individual classes or groups as required by a school
1 per child, with a minimum charge of 100. Travel costs are added at the rate of 25p per mile. Overnight accommodation required if long distance travel is required.

Special quotation for Science Festivals depending upon requirements.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.