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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Science Outreach - Athabasca

Program Title:
Science Outreach - Athabasca
Athabasca University Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
Geographical Area:
We cater to this area: Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
General Description:
Anyone can be involved with Science Outreach - Athabasca! You do not have to have a science background to participate.

What is Science Outreach - Athabasca?
We are a group of people who hope to increase awareness of science of the general public, in the greater Athabasca area and beyond. This project is funded by Alberta Innovation and Science as well as Athabasca University.

What does Science Outreach - Athabasca do?
Foster awareness of science in the Athabasca region, e.g. science camps, traveling exhibits, community and school talks. Promote hands on community participation in obtaining scientific information, e.g. butterfly and bird counts, weather data. Develop a data base of the science of the Athabasca River Basin, e.g. internet website with lists of publications, organisms and interesting features.

Why Science Outreach - Athabasca?
The Athabasca area has a rich mix of landscapes and waterways. Science is fun. Public knowledge about science will benefit our environment and society.

How can I become involved?
Get on our mailing list and sign up for activities. Share information with us, e.g. what you would like to see happen. Volunteer to help with our various science projects. Connect us regarding possible partnerships.

Visit our website: or contact the Science Outreach-Athabasca Coordinator at (780) 675-6653 or email
Area of Science:
all areas of science
Target Grade Levels:
general public
Target Group Size:
general public
Use contact information given above.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of August, 2003.