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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Physics and Astronomy Roadshow

Program Title:
Physics and Astronomy Roadshow
University of Maine Orono, ME, United States
website unavailable
Geographical Area:
Within two hours drive of campus or my home. (Occasionally, I have gone further if the University is on vacation.)
General Description:
I don't do traveling shows in physics as often as I once did. My teaching load has increased and I do fewer "away" shows. I still do shows for school groups, etc. that visit the campus. I usually try to coordinate the show with a visit to the campus planetarium or another campus site.

In astronomy I do many traveling shows with the help of a local astronomy club. I usually present a slide or Powerpoint presentation and later on in the evening telescopes are brought out to show the night sky sites. Much of my spare time is devoted to this (rather than physics) because it is easier to set up and do.
Area of Science:
physics and astronomy
Target Grade Levels:
All; however, I like the 5th grade or younger best. They are more fun and ask questions.
Target Group Size:
Usually, 20 to 40 kids in a classroom (occasionally larger - the whole grade- three or more classes combined)
Things are free. Sometimes a group will insist on a donation (for the astronomy shows) and I request that the donation go to the astronomy club who helps me out. (Penobscot Valley Star Gazers - PVSG, for short. Their web site is Other than the demonstration equipment I fund it all out of my pocket (Vehicle and travel costs included).

The information contained in this page is accurate as of November, 2007.