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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Dr. Quinton Quark's Slapstick Science

Program Title:
Dr. Quinton Quark's Slapstick Science
Hartford, VT, United States
Geographical Area:
Northeast US - ME, NH, RI,CT, MA, NY, NJ and VT
General Description:
Slapstick Science is a splendid series of Science Spectacles using the circus as a laboratory. Guaranteed to excite even the most science-phobic students, all programs were written and produced by Ted Lawrence, a veteran high school science and math teacher and former Ringling Bros. clown. Although all programs are curriculum driven science lessons that generally cover an entire chapter in an hour, all programs are also considered among the most entertaining shows available in the Northeast.

"Much Work with Little Effort" teaches about kinetic and potential energy and simple machines, and climaxes with the audience figuring out how to throw Dr. Quark in a high back flip over Shaquille O'Neal.

"The Notion of Motion" teaches Newton's Laws of Motion and finishes by demonstrating all three laws with rollerblades and a fire extinguisher.

"Flight" explains air and the principles that help us understand how a wing generates lift and the forces all flying objects undergo. For 2003/2004, this show will have an additional historical perspective to commemorate the Centennial of the Wright Bros. First Flight.

"Combustion" is a fire safety program guaranteed to keep the students (third grade and up) on the edge of their seats while learning basic fire safety in real life situations that picks up where "Stop. Drop. And roll." leaves off.

"Kiddie Chem" presents solids (including dry ice), liquids (including liquid nitrogen), gases (including hydrogen and helium), and a few reactions in kids' first chemistry lecture - Chem .101.

All programs run about an hour (75 minutes if possible for the older audiences), and each program has specific technical requirements which are generally (but not always) met by any typical school Cafetorium or gymnasium.
Area of Science:
I have 3 physics shows (Energy, Motion, and Flight) and 2 chemistry shows (Combustion, and states of matter).
Target Grade Levels:
k - 6
Target Group Size:
I do everything I can to discourage too broad an age range in an audience, so usually I do one show for k - 2 (200 - 300) and then another for 3-6 (the other 200 - 300 in the school). My props and demos are HUGE, so Iíve done audiences as large as 2000 on college campuses, but thatís not my target audience.

I also offer workshops (Simple Machines and Laws of Motion) for groups of 25 in conjunction with assemblies.
about $1000 for two shows with regional variations/call for prices

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.