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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Scientifica, Starlab, Workshops on Wheels

Program Title:
Scientifica, Starlab, Workshops on Wheels
Montshire Museum of Science Norwich, VT, United States
Geographical Area:
Anywhere in Vermont or New Hampshire; Upstate NY and Western Mass. by special arrangement.
General Description:
There are 3 programs for schools available from the Montshire Museum of Science.

Scientifica creates a hands-on science center in your school's gym or multi-purpose room. Accompanied by a professional Montshire educator, Scientifica provides opportunities for students and adults to test ideas, discover, and play with science, much as visitors do at the Montshire Museum. Exhibits on light and reflection, electricity and magnetism, motion and mobiles, and balance toys will enable students of any age to become actively involved in doing science. In addition to the exhibits, Scientifica comes complete with a teacher workshop. Also included: a special two hour community "open-house" opportunity at your school.

This is a portable planetarium system that brings the stars, planets, and galaxies to life for your school with a variety of carefully designed programs for all ages. With only one class under the dome at a time, students become actively involved in "hands-on astronomy." Your astronomer-in-residence will spend one hour with each class, up to five classes per day. StarLab fits in gyms, cafeterias, or any other large room with an 11-foot ceiling.

For Workshops on Wheels, we arrive complete with an unusual conglomeration of simple materials and your classroom becomes a bustling learning lab. Our 50 to 60-minute programs can be tailored for non-school groups as well. See for list of workshops and descriptions.
Area of Science:
Scientifica: Physical Science: Exhibit areas on light, balance, motion, and electricity & magnetism.
Starlab: Astronomy
Workshops on Wheels: Physical and Natural History topics, over 20 topics to choose from, see website.
Target Grade Levels:
Scientifica: K-8
Starlab: 1-9
Workshops on Wheels: K-8
Target Group Size:
Scientifica: Up to 5 classes/day, with up to 30 students/class. Program stays on site for multiple days to reach all students if desired by sponsor.
Starlab: Up to 5 classes/day, with up to 24 students/class. Program stays on site for multiple days to reach all students if desired by sponsor.
Workshops on Wheels: One to four one-hour hands-on science workshops, with up to 30 students/class. Price breaks for multiple workshops at same site on same day.
Scientifica: $850 for first day of program, $650 for each succeeding
day; $1.25/mile round-trip for trucking.
StarLab: $650/day, $0.485/mile round-trip for travel.
Workshops on Wheels(Outreach Science Workshops): $350 for one outreach
workshop, $.0485/mile round-trip for travel. Price breaks for multiple
workshops on same day as follows: two workshops - $450, three workshops
- $550, four workshops - $650.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of December, 2007.