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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: The Starry Messenger, The Stargazer's Apprentice & Night Skies

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Program Title:
The Starry Messenger, The Stargazer's Apprentice & Night Skies
Auburndale, MA, United States
Geographical Area:
New England, but occasionally travel nationwide
General Description:
Ask someone to name famous scientists and invariably the name Galileo Galilei comes up. Considered the father of modern science by many, few people really know what Galileo did. Using only basic mathematics, no calculus, no algebra, Galileo discovered numerous laws of nature.

The Starry Messenger is an interactive dramatic presentation that will bring Galileo to grades 3 and up, to discuss his early telescopic discoveries. I usually start first thing in the morning with an assembly. For the rest of the day I meet one or two classrooms at a time providing the students a chance to ask Galileo questions about his work, life and times. The assembly program lasts about 50 minutes and the classroom sessions can last anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes each. I can meet with as many classrooms during the day as time allows, usually 4 or 5 sessions. Price for The Starry Messenger is currently $475.00 per day, with $50/day discounts for multiple day and block bookings.

Night Skies is the most recent addition to my repertory. This program is a revival of my ten years of experiences as a lecturer at the Charles Hayden Planetarium. Using my Starlab traveling planetarium, I can introduce students (all grades) to the celestial wonders of the current night sky. Night Skies is available for $475.00 per day, and I can present up to 6 - 50 minute programs with an audience of 30 per show.

The Stargazer's Apprentice is geared to grades k-3. Using songs, stories, interactive demonstrations and puppetry, I introduce young students to their place in the Universe. Topics discussed include our star the Sun, our solar system, the night sky, constellations and the nature of stars. This 50 minute program is designed for small groups of one or two classrooms at a time so as many students as possible can participate. Price for The Stargazer's Apprentice is currently $400.00 per day and I can do 4 or 5 programs during the day.
Area of Science:
The Starry Messenger astronomy, physics
Target Grade Levels:
Starry Messenger grades 3 and above, adaptable
Stargazerís Apprentice grades 1-3
Night Skies adaptable to all grades
Target Group Size:
Starry Messenger any
Stargazerís Apprentice classrooms
Night Skies classrooms

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.