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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Catch the Science Bug

Program Title:
Catch the Science Bug
Worcester, MA, United States
Geographical Area:
Southern New Hampshire to central New Jersey
General Description:
Classroom programs feature interactive inquiry-based methods of presentation to enable students to participate in the learning process. Students learn by predicting outcomes, observing, comparing, experimenting and drawing conclusions through hands-on activities. Programs are in accordance with the National Science Standards, the Mass. Science and Technology Curriculum Frameworks, and the Benchmarks on the Way to Environmental Literacy.

"The Science Bug is a wonderful supplement to any science program. KB does a wonderful job of increasing the students’ enthusiasm about science while taking the content one step further. The kids are still singing the ’Science Bug’ tune." C. Owens, Science Teacher Fay School, Southborough, MA

"Good connection to students’ understanding. Great multi-media presentation! The hands-on activities were excellent!" Nancy Farrell, Third Grade Teacher, Mayo School, Holden, MA

"It [a day of Catch the Science Bug Programs] was really very well received by everyone here." Edward Jerome, Principal, Edgartown Elementary, Edgartown, MA
Area of Science:
varies...focus on environmental science
Target Grade Levels:
Pre K-12
Target Group Size:
classroom or small assembly
See website for details.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of April, 2003.