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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Super Scientific Circus

Program Title:
Super Scientific Circus
Encore Performing Arts, Inc. Melville, NY, United States
Geographical Area:
Northeast USA (MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA)
General Description:
PHENOMENAL PHYSICS. Mr. Fish - a renowned circus performer from the Big Apple Circus, and HBO-TV - proves that science can be fun by showing students amazing tricks involving bubbles, balloons, bull whips, eggs and a table stacked with glasses. Discover the concepts of friction, velocity, and inertia by witnessing a tablecloth safely pulled out from under various objects. Learn about the structure of Roman arches by the juggling of eggs. Find out about aerodynamics from flying boomerangs. Experience a sonic boom with the cracking of a whip. See how everyday objects can be used to present a wide range of principals. The audience learns how to make and throw their own boomerang, how to make giant soap bubbles, and how to stick a needle through a balloon without popping it!

THE ANTI-GRAVITY SHOW features either Mr. Fish or Lisa Lou, both consummate circus performers. The law of gravity says, "everything that goes up must come down." However, when things start spinning, everything changes. Spinning ropes demonstrate centripetal force. The spinning Australian bull roar is a unique musical instrument which demonstrates sound waves. Peacock feathers explain balance. A floating beach ball explains flight. A madcap plate spinning routine makes the audience laugh so much, they will never forget the importance of the center of gravity. Audience learns how to do many of the circus skills shown in this program, including balancing, rope spinning, magic, and more. (This show is available in ASL.)

THE MAGIC OF CHEMISTRY is performed by both Mr. Fish and Lisa Lou - two consumate circus performers. Magic tricks and circus skills help explain atoms, molecules, the elements, compounds, solutions, magnetism, and static electricity. Using ingredients found in everyday life, a balloon inflates all by itself, plain water changes colors and disappears, and liquids "magically" become solids. Whether juggling "atoms" and "molecules," or explaining electrons as their hair stands on end (with the help of a VanDeGraaf generator), this delightful show beguiles the audience while introducing simple and effective science concepts. The performance can also be presented as a dynamic solo show by Lisa Lou. (This show is available in ASL.)

THE SCIENCE OF MAGIC. The secrets of magic are scientifically revealed! This show uses mirrors, magnets, air, optical illusions, and mental confusions to educate and delight the audience, demonstrating the principles of light, sight, reflection, magnetism, memory, air pressure, and logic. We can't give away all of our secrets, but we CAN show the audience tricks that they can learn to do themselves.

DR. THINK, MAN OF IMAGINATION. Explore and meet great thinkers from the past, such as Ben Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Alexander Graham Bell, Edison, and others. Discover how imagination is a vital ingredient in every part of our lives, and the spark that lights the way to the future. Performed by Craig Babcock.
Area of Science:
Three shows available: "Phenomenal Physics," "The Anti-Gravity Show" (covering other physics principals), "The Science of Magic," and "The Magic of Chemistry"
Target Grade Levels:
Can adapt to all grades K-8
Target Group Size:
auditorium performance
Call Encore Performing Arts, Inc. at 800-669-9850 for fees

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.