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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: New Jersey State Aquarium TrOutreach Program

Program Title:
New Jersey State Aquarium TrOutreach Program
New Jersey State Aquarium Camden, NJ, United States
Geographical Area:
NJ, Southeastern PA, parts of Delaware
General Description:
TrOutreach traveling programs bring the New Jersey State Aquarium to you! If you can't come to the Aquarium, or are looking for a way to enrich what you learned on your visit, let our "school" visit your school. Choose from classroom or assembly programs, or lively theatre presentations from our performing arts troupe, the Drama Gills.
Area of Science:
biology, with emphasis on aquatic animals
Target Grade Levels:
Target Group Size:
classroom and assemblies, community groups, scout groups, daycare centers, etc.
Fee-based. See webpage for details.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.