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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Nicholas Copernicus, the Center of Light & Science People

Program Title:
Nicholas Copernicus, the Center of Light & Science People
Family Stages, Inc. Oreland, PA, United States
Geographical Area:
Mid-Atlantic Region: Southern NY, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
General Description:
These are 45 minute plays.

NICHOLAS COPERNICUS, THE CENTER OF LIGHT. In 1543 a Polish astronomer by the name of Mikolaj Kopernik published a book that explained that the Sun was the center of the solar system and the Earth, and other planets revolved around it.With simple tools and great patience and determination, he became the first person to accurately measure and describe the motion of the heavenly bodies. Since all scientific work in those days was published in Latin, we have come to know this great man as Nicholas Copernicus.

The amazing story of Mikolaj Kopernik is told in this brand new play, NICHOLAS COPERNICUS, THE CENTER OF LIGHT. The script is the latest effort of playwright, Steve Seyfried. Once again, Mr. Seyfried has produced a marvelous combination of vivid storytelling, a lively sense of humor and solid historical research.Designed for school groups (kindergarten through eighth grade), NICHOLAS COPERNICUS, THE CENTER OF LIGHT covers the eventful life of this major historic figure. The play also offers students a memorable look at the workings of the solar system. The constellations literally come to life as Kopernik explores the world above.Three performers play all the characters in the fast-paced, dynamic presentation. . It can be performed in a primary version or in a middle school version.

SCIENCE PEOPLE is designed to build on the natural curiosity of young students and demonstrate how men and women through the ages have used that same curiosity to examine and explain the workings of the universe.

This show focuses on the personalities and motivation of five great scientists, as well as their accomplishments. It conveys the wonder and awe of Galileo examining the stars and the planets with his telescope.

The audience joins Isaac Newton as he questions why apples fall to the earth. They witness Louis Pasteur using his microscope to find the germs that cause milk to spoil.

George Washington Carver uses his knowledge of botany to save southern farms from the boll weevil. The modern world comes into focus with the work of Marie Curie and the development of x-rays.

With the typical verve and humor of Family Stages, this play makes the scientific method come to life in a memorable combination of education and entertainment. Two dynamic performers play all the characters in this energetic production.
Area of Science:
Copernicus - Astronomy
Science People - Five Scientists and the Scientific Method
Target Grade Levels:
Target Group Size:
Whole School - Max Audience per Show 350
fee determined by location and # of performances

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.