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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: How Does a Thing Like That Work?

Program Title:
How Does a Thing Like That Work?
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Johnstown, PA, United States
Geographical Area:
We'd rather stay within a hundred miles or so of Johnstown, but have done presentations in New York, New Orleans, Washington, etc. We've been considering schools in the Pittsburgh area, although just those near Johnstown keep us pretty busy.
General Description:
How Does A Thing Like That Work Or 'HDATLTW', is an entertaining, partially interactive physics demonstration lecture consisting of the more visual and dramatic demonstrations from an introductory physics course. Demonstrations from the areas of classical mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and the physics of the atmosphere are used. The show usually lasts close to a microcentury and about 25 demonstrations are performed. It is fast paced and is meant to promote interest in science and further discussion, with only a simple explanation of the physics involved being given as each demonstration is presented. Usually done in an Auditorium, theater or a gymnasium.
Area of Science:
Target Grade Levels:
Grade 1 - University
Target Group Size:
One grade level (6-9 is best)
Contact the email address given above for details.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003.