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Program Title:
Science in Motion
Statewide, PA, United States
Geographical Area:
Entire State of Pennsylvania
General Description:
"Science in Motion" is composed of 11 higher-ed partners in the Pennsylvania Basic Education/Higher Education Science and Technology Partnerships, which is affectionately shortened to "Science In Motion." It is a Van program in which a PA certified secondary teacher, in coordination and cooperation with the teacher that "owns" the classroom brings completely prepped experiments involving high tech scientific instrumentation to the classroom. The mobile educator then, depending on the owning teacher's level of comfort and expertise, either helps the students directly or assists while the owning teacher helps the students run the instrumentation. The other large part of this partnership is professional development for the teachers we serve. We run several short (1/2 - 1 day) workshops during the academic year, and a week-long workshop during the summer. These workshops are designed to help the teacher new to our services learn about the instrumentation, and teachers experienced with our cool toys to develop new experiments for their specific curricula. The entire program is run at no cost to the school district. It is a state funded program.

Please visit to find the program closest to you.
Area of Science:
chemistry, biology, and (for at least 1 site) physics
Target Grade Levels:
primarily high school, 9-12, K-8 on occasion - at least two sites have vans that focus on middle school
Target Group Size:

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.