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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: ScienceReach, a Museum on Wheels

Program Title:
ScienceReach, a Museum on Wheels
Discovery Place, Incorporated Charlotte, NC, United States
Geographical Area:
North and South Carolina mostly but will and have traveled to surrounding states (i.e. Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, etc.)
General Description:
ScienceReach is a "science center on wheels" that brings exciting, hands-on science programs to your site. Classroom programs are designed for groups of fewer than 30 participants to ensure quality hands-on time. All programs are approximately 50 minutes in length. Assembly programs serve large group audiences (up to 300) and are appropriate for all ages. Approximately 55 minutes in length, our assembly presentations are action packed and interactive, using volunteers from the audience to participate in experiments and demonstrations.
Area of Science:
We offer programs in all science disciplines - physics, chemistry, space science, biology, archeology, paleontology, earth/environmental, etc.)
Target Grade Levels:
Pre-K (3-5 years old); K - Adult
Target Group Size:
Can accommodate the entire school but not in one program slot if the school is larger than 300 students. We can do several assemblies or classroom programs to accommodate the group. Assemblies - capacity is maximum 300 and Classroom programs - capacity is 30 maximum.
For fee.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2003.