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Program Title:
Program Subtitle:
Physics Education Activities, Resources, and Learning Activities
Purdue University LaFayette, IN, United States
Geographical Area:
The state of Indiana and beyond. Our Physics on the Road demos have traveled all over the U.S. over the past 12 years.
General Description:
The School of Science Outreach Program of Purdue University is continuously growing and expanding to be able to offer a wide menu of options from which schools and others (libraries, nursing homes, Boy Scouts, etc.) may choose. For example, we are taking a Forensics program to a library in the southern part of the state next month. Physics on the Road did a combination hands-on and virtual tour of our Purdue Rare Isotope MEasure Lab.

PEARLS encompasses many programs, some directly originating in the physics department, others originating through our School of Science Outreach program, which includes the 5 outreach coordinators for the departments of biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and atmospheric sciences, math, and physics.
Area of Science:
Physics on the Road Demos and Hand-On currently target physics, although efforts are underway to create Science on the Road demos and hands-on. All other programs (Focus on Science, professional inservices, etc. etc.) incorporate all 5 outreach coordinators through our School of Science Outreach program.
Target Grade Levels:
K-Adult: Physics on the Road Demos and/or Hands-On are set up for up for the whole school in one day.

K-8: Focus on Science brings all 5 outreach coordinators to a school where every classroom receives an investigatory, hands-on lesson for one period. All of a single grade level receives the same lesson, and the teacher is left with a lesson plan showing which state standards have been met.

K-12: Grant-Writing Assistance for a single teacher, school, or school district.

K-12: Professional development inservice programs and school/teacher consultations.

Grades 5-Adult: Tours, including PRIME Lab (Purdue Rare Isotope MEasurement Lab) and hands-on experiences within our department.

High School: Purdue is a newly designated QuarkNet Center. A monthly physics newsletter is sent out to schools.

Public: An annual "FunFest." This year, the physics funfest is being incorporated into the university’s annual "SpringFest" and physics and entomology are combining efforts for A Buggy Funfest (Or, there’s something buggy about our usual FunFest.)
Target Group Size:
Physics on the Road Demo Shows: 30-200
Physics on the Road Hands-On: 30 per hour for one room of hands-on. Up to 3 identical rooms available, allowing 90 per hour.
Classroom Visits: 20-30
Donations accepted and encouraged.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of September, 2007.