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K-12 Science 2 Schools Traveling Science Programs: Mobile Discovery Centers

Program Title:
Mobile Discovery Centers
The National Science Center and the Dept. of the Army Augusta, GA, United States
Geographical Area:
48 States & DC
General Description:
50-minute program is a combination of a high-energy HD-DVD program and hands-on, interactive science demonstrations.

High Definition (HD) DVD: Short HD-DVD programs introduce students to various topics and allow them to experience HD plus surround sound. One HD-DVD program is normally shown in each session.

Science Demonstration: This 40 minute program uses numerous physical science demonstrations to actively engage students in the learning process. Van De Graff generators and Tesla coils create "hair raising" experiences. Frequency, sound, and resonance are all covered during the exciting "Glass Breaker" demonstration. "Seeing in the Dark" demonstrates and compares Visible Light and Thermal Image technology. "Did I really see something" introduces Persistence of Vision using a "LightStick". Artificial Intelligence is ever present as AI "Demonstrators" conduct part of the program. Throughout the demonstration program, numerous students (and occasionally, a brave teacher) will be asked to assist the demonstrators.
Area of Science:
physical science
Target Grade Levels:
4th-12 and teacher education
Target Group Size:
200-250 per day: 35-40 visitors at each 50-minute session doing 6-7 sessions each day. We normally stay 1-2 days but large school or district-wide stops are longer.

The information contained in this page is accurate as of June, 2003.